Preem Evolution Diesel

A diesel for all vehicles

Preem Evolution Diesel is a unique standard diesel that works in all vehicles with diesel engines, both old and new. This means everyone can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions regardless of whether they drive a car, tractor or truck. Preem Evolution Diesel contains the highest proportion of renewable fuel in conventional standard diesel on the market. Using Preem Evolution Diesel instead of fossil diesel cuts fossil carbon dioxide emissions by up to 46 percent. In 2016, the use of Preem Evolution Diesel helped cut Sweden’s carbon dioxide emissions by 975,000 metric tons. This is equivalent to emissions from just over 415,000 cars, or nearly nine percent of Sweden’s entire car fleet.

From tall to tank

A large proportion of the renewable raw materials in Preem Evolution Diesel is made from tall oil, a residual from the Swedish forest and paper industry. Tall oil is the renewable raw material in green diesel that is the most climate efficient of those currently on the market. Our jointly owned factory SunPine in Piteå processes tall oil from the paper industry into crude tall diesel. The crude tall diesel is then refined into renewable diesel at our Gothenburg refinery. Other vegetable oils and animal residuals are used as raw materials in addition to tall oil.

The world’s first Swan labeled liquid fuel

Preem Evolution Diesel+, launched in 2016, meets the strict fuel requirements of the Swan eco-label, making it the first eco-labelled liquid fuel in the world. Preem Evolution Diesel+ contains at least 50 percent renewable content and can be used in all diesel engines and blended with all other diesel similarly to Preem Evolution Diesel. It has the same effect and price as our regular diesel. 

Next step

Our goal is to continue developing and launching fuels with an even higher proportion of renewable content in the coming years, both diesel and gasoline. New long-term political rules will hopefully enable us to make the major investments in our own refineries required to continue driving the development of renewable fuels for the vehicle fleet of today and tomorrow.

The Swan label for fuel covers 22 criteria, including:

  • Low energy consumption throughout the chain, from production to use
  • Minimization of greenhouse gas emissions
  • At least 50 percent proportion of renewables in the fuel
  • Not allowed to have a CO2 equivalent higher than 50 g/MJ
  • No palm oil or PFAD in the product
  • The fuel is produced under good social and working conditions.

Preem Evolution Diesel

  • Contains 25-50 percent renewable raw materials
  • Works in all diesel vehicles
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 46 percent
  • Costs the same as regular diesel
  • Helped reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 975,000 metric tons in 2016, which is equivalent to emissions from just over 415,000 cars, or nearly nine percent of Sweden’s entire car fleet.